Rahman, F., Kayani, A. & Hanif, M. (2019). Digital embodiment of adapted version of the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) for autistic children in Pakistan

Academic Research International, 10, 101-105.

Abstract:  In 1984 Lori Frost and Dr. Andrew Bondy developed PECS. PECS basically aids autistic people in developing verbal language; moreover, it reduces grumpiness and anomalous behaviors which results in increased socialization. By implementing the heuristic framework, the researcher adapted pictures which were traditionally sensitive for Pakistan within the PECS. The current experimental research aimed to utilize digital advancements for implementing the adapted version of PECS for autistic children in Pakistan to facilitate their communication and personification in the world. An experimental study on a sample of 5 autistic children was conducted for the digital embodiment of adapted PECS. The sample of the research study comprised of one experimental group. Convenience sampling technique was administered in order to make the precise and accurate results. A paired t-test on sample and digital adapted PECS showed significant results. Statistical package for social sciences (SPSS Version, 22.0) for data analysis. As the study was experimental, so the main objective of the study was to highlight the effectiveness and implementation of digital embodiment of adapted pictures within the PECS. This study has produced a well adapted digitally embodied PECS, suitable for implementation for Pakistani Autistic Children. Results of this study confirmed that digital embodiment of adapted PECS enhanced the perceptual and sensory skills of the autistic children. The high level of correct identification percentage of adapted PECS through ipad, depicts that no response percentage was lesser in digitally adapted PECS as compared to the adapted PECS on hard copy.

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