Alsayedhassan, B., Banda, D. & Griffin-Shirley, N. (2020). Training parents of children with autism to implement the picture exchange communication intervention

Clinical Archives of Communication Disorders, 5, 31-41.

Abstract: Purpose: We investigated the effects of behavioral skills training package with parents to use picture exchange communication system (PECS) with their children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to develop communication skills. Methods: Two parents and their children with ASD (one child per family) participated in this study. A multiple baseline design was used during the parents’ training, and a changing criterion design was used during parents’ implementation of PECS with children. Results: Results indicated that both parents implemented PECS intervention with their children with high procedural integrity and required minimal feedback through Bug-in-Ear at the end of the intervention. Moreover, both children acquired independent picture exchanges with their parents who implemented PECS training and generalized and maintained the skills. Conclusions: The findings suggest that when parents receive appropriate training and feed-back, they can train their children to use PECS to independently request desired items or activities. The current study extends existing research on PECS by teaching parents as the primary PECS trainers to implement the strategy with their children.


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