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Many people implementing the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and/or the Pyramid Approach to Education have questions and need help quickly! Now you can join our comprehensive PECS User Support Group on Facebook! Members of this closed group have access to Pyramid’s trained consultants as well as thousands of other parents and professionals around the world who implement PECS and the Pyramid Approach to Education. PECS User Support Group offers an open forum for individuals to post questions, comments and concerns. Each month a different Pyramid consultant from around the world will be available to review posts, answer questions, provide insight into creating successful lessons and offer helpful suggestions. The Facebook PECS User Support Group is the official social media page for PECS and the Pyramid Approach to Education! Go to Facebook to join the group today!

PECS® User Groups

Would you like to join other PECS enthusiasts near you to learn new skills, gain fresh ideas and discuss PECS implementation strategies? There are various groups throughout the USA and the world that meet several times per year. Meetings last approximately two hours and consist of a clinical session led by a Pyramid Educational Consultant. These sessions offer the opportunity to practice new skills, ask questions, troubleshoot PECS implementation, share ideas, network and socialize. Members include parents, professionals and university students who are dedicated to enhancing their knowledge of PECS while at the same time sharing their experiences with others. It is our hope that all members will also help introduce PECS to families and school systems that work with individuals in need of a functional communication system.

Member benefits at each meeting:

  • Discounts on Pyramid sponsored workshops, consultation and products
  • The chance to win free attendance at a Pyramid sponsored workshop of your choice
  • Free access to a Pyramid Consultant

Meeting Dates:

Each PECS User Group is generally held three times per year. New members are welcome at any time. Meeting group dates, times and locations vary. No meetings are currently scheduled, but if you are interested in forming a group, please contact us at